Additional services

Additional services from ActiveTerra allow you to enjoy the results from day 1. Monitor weather and growing conditions from wherever you are.

Perfect your decisions.
Complement your expertise with sensors.

weather station

Real-time weather and field conditions through mesh networks

Real-time weather and field conditions through mesh networks. We integrate any open API sensor letting you monitor your field with sensors you already have and sensors you want in the future.

Unveil key data

  • Customize your climate, soil and nutrient sensors based on your specific needs

  • Location tracking and route optimization for equipment, livestock, and personnel

  • Automation of irrigation and greenhouse monitoring systems

  • Integration of relevant public agronomic data
Visibility means profitability
Visibility means profitability

Watch your blindspots

  • Receive periodic overviews of in-season crop health via field imaging by satellite, drone, or light aircraft

  • High resolution image processing in Infrared, NDVI and visible RGB if you already have field imaging

  • Correlate imaging with soil, sensor, and job data and optimize processes to maximize yields

Flexible and adaptable

ActiveTerra can be customized to meet your needs through integration of existing ERP systems, business software, telemetry solutions and equipment of any brand

Visibility means profitability

We leverage all previous efforts
while integrating all of your experience

ActiveTerra: Transparency and accountability in the palm of your hand