Cutting edge technology that drives field efficiency and farm performance

From pre-season planning to post-harvest, we are with you.

automated alerts

Automated alerts and analytics to support day-to-day decisions

integrated sensors

Integrated sensors to track field changes in real-time


Dashboards to visualize your fields, operations, and financials

We are always keeping an eye on your business

Visibility means profitability
  • Real-time monitoring of field progress, job status, and input usage on every block of every field

  • Personnel management and attendance control (face recognition and weekly payroll)

  • Detailed overview of your operation through practical dashboards

Powerful farm management tools

Measure what matters.
Grow More.

  • Simple and scalable interface, usable by all members of the organization

  • Mobile reporting app for in-field use, offline catching to function without connectivity

  • Optimize field work with geotagged field scouting, route tracking, and consumable good tracing
Visibility means profitability
From small to large scale around the world

From small to

large scale

around the world

ActiveTerra: Farm envy. Relentless profit.